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MicroFlex is designed for gentle direct membrane filtration and can be applied to finished still, sparkling wines and high-quality clear juices.

The main advantages of the filter are the respect for the wine’s quality, the low energy consumption and its great flexibility.

Using the patented software called IntelliFlex, the operator chooses to automate the filtration operation parameters. As with the standard operation mode, the MicroFlex running in Intelliflex mode will ensure there is no stress on the product through low pressure across the membrane, gentle flow and provide high-energy savings. The IntelliFlex software is able to identify the filtration characteristics of the product being filtered and foresee the trend of the filtration. IntelliFlex will determine the maximum flow that can be filtered and minimize the number of intermediate washes necessary.

The process flow rate is extremely variable but it is normally between 100 and 500 liters/hour per cartridge.

In comparison with the traditional filtration the advantages are the following:

  • No consumable filter media
  • Reduced loss of product
  • Very low impact on color and structure

In comparison with the cross flow filtration the advantages are the following:

  • No recirculation or back-flushing of wines
  • Higher quality filtered product
  • Less stress on the product
  • Smaller energy consumptions

Mavrik North America Services

Our approach to everything is to develop either a new technology, or else a significant improvement to the way something is currently done. Being "just another . . . " is not good enough.

Services Available:

  • Alcohol Reduction using Direct Contact Extraction
  • VA Reduction using Specialized Membrane Reverse Osmosis
  • Rapid Cold Stabilization
  • Pyrazine (Methoxypyrazine) Removal
  • TCA Removal
  • Wine Concentration
  • Sulfide Removal
  • Smoke Taint Removal